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The federation of the Russian martial art IZVOR invites to a practical International seminar in the city of Riga. Time of holding seminar from June 20 to 24 June 2015.

Russian martial arts Federation "IZVOR" will organize exit seminars.
Holds exit seminars on following fighting sections:
«A personal security of citizens» - fight conducting in various situations and places, use of improvised subjects as the weapon and special application, opposition to several opponents.
«The punch technics» - drawing of blows from any positions, blows without scope keeping power, speed, seriality, blows in fight and in an orchestra, in a close premise and on any distance, various and variability, high speed.
«Special preparation» - instant attack and neutralization of the opponent, mental conditions in fight, detention and a convoy, profitability and rationality of actions, performance of fighting and special problems.
All studied material is taught by principles of Russian martial art.

Subjects and cost of a seminar the contractual. As individual lessons are conducted.
Please contact: +(371) 29437766.

29 April 2011. Federation "Izvor" helped hold sports festival. Photo report >>
17 April, Federation of Russian martial art "Izvor" held seminar in St. Pitersburg. Teachers Michael Grudev and Valery Grigoriev.
Photo report >>
19-20th, February the Federation "IZVOR" held a seminar on Russian fighting art, in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
Video report - download >>. Bulgaria trailer 12 min. >> Bulgaria trailer - Weapons 7:51 min. >>
On January, 15-16th the Federation "IZVOR" held a seminar on Russian martial art, to Nefteyugansk (60 km from Surgut, Russia). Video report will be soon! Photo report >>. Video report - download >>. Video trailer 7 min. >>
On December, 12th to St.-Petersburg the Federation of Russian martial art "IZVOR" held a seminar!
Seminar theme "Punch technics" on system IZVOR - beating out any provisions punches without amplitude preserving power, speed, seriality, blows in a battle in close quarters and at any distance, diversity and variability, high speed. Teachers Michael Grudev and Valery Grigoriev. Video report - download.

Russian martial art "IZVOR" seminar 16 - 10.17.2010. The city of Riga, Latvia. Teacher Grudev Michael. Video Download. Video a roller of 6 min. Or here. Other music.
Seminar Russian martial art IZVOR self defense. 23-24.05.2009. - Download.
Seminar on Russian fighting art "Izvor" 2008 - the shock technics, self-defense from a knife and a pistol - Download.


Trainings for today are spent in Moscow, Moscow Region, Tver, the Tver region, Riga (Latvia).
The "IZVOR" instructors are ready to arrive to you and to hold a seminar. For this purpose it is necessary for you to organize, a hall, residing of instructors, to pay road and a seminar.
The seminar program can be on the theme chosen by you - to themes, or all can give the instructor necessary (exercises for development, etc.) having seen your level.
Also can take part in seminars, which will pass. The information on forthcoming seminars on Russian martial art "IZVOR" we will publish on a site and a forum. Also, you can send an e-mail, for communication with you. See you soon!

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