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Training for Self-defense and fighting in Riga! Self-defense, martial arts, survival, the real fight! Your safety - in your hands! School self-defense, martial arts and security.

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RMA Combat, self-defense and security club! Riga, Latvia! Self-defense - is a last resort to protect themselves!

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RMA an Martial Art IZVOR Sports camp, course 2019
instructor: Rob.

In training, all exercises based on realistic and effective: we placed punch, kick, speed, accuracy, variety of techniques, strength and endurance. We pay great attention to economy and efficiency of operations, proper breathing, mental condition in combat, physical fitness, learning to work with weapons and special means, detention and conveyance. During training, the maximum deal possible, but safe for yourself and your partner, all of us worked in the morning and we have to be in the "form"! :-)
What we are doing - it's street fight, no relation to the sport and has no rules! Our view is that if a person can work with the enemy or group that he is attacked, suddenly and without any restrictions, then work on the rules also can. We will develop the reflexes that allow you to quickly respond to a situation that is constantly changing, and not an attempt to pick up any reception when it is too late. Learning to work unpredictable and variable enter into the attack and break it, fight attack, not defense. Train in the battle to breathe, to beat when the forces no longer exists, it is easy and quick to move, be psychologically stable, ie, what would we could not intimidate!
Our main goal in training yourself not to cheat, that life is against us will not apply any actions (hitting, fighting ...) or objects (knife, stick ...)! Only in this way we will be ready in life for anything because it's already been and we know how to react!
In training, we specifically include exercise as close to real situations. Teach a mixed battle, then there is fighting, and to strike at the same time. During the summer, must train in the countryside. Street should be our usual environment. Settle in the streets - it is to have the knowledge, skills and behavior necessary to avoid an attack, defusing tensions, conflict and neutralize the armed and unarmed opponents.
The combat system is completely different from the sport, not least because that sport is a martial arts fight "one on one" and only by the rules. In a sports match, there are established rules of the competition. And competition is always possible to prepare both physically and morally, the opponent in front of you and you know that he can attack. Unlike sports, fighting occasionally occurs spontaneously and unexpectedly in the course are all objects as weapons, not to mention the fact the very weapons, firearms or cold.
In the first place should be put psychological factor, the fight - it is a struggle for survival!

The ability to defend itself - a very valuable quality. It gives confidence and peace of mind even in extreme situations. Self-defense on the street has always been and will be actual!
Every first Monday of each month, open training session on fighting and self-defense (free), you can safely come and train with everyone! Our task is to be prepared for any situation, as if she did not develop with experience comes confidence and you are going to manage the situation.

RMA рукопашка rukopashka рукопашный бой
RMA рукопашка rukopashka рукопашный бой
RMA рукопашка rukopashka рукопашный бой

Your safety - in your hands!


Training for Self-defense and fighting in Riga, Latvia! Self-defense, martial arts, survival, the real street fight! Your safety - in your hands! Self-defense, martial arts and security School.
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