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The federation of the Russian martial art IZVOR invites to a practical International seminar in the city of Riga. Time of holding seminar from 02 to 03 July 2016.

Russian martial arts Federation "IZVOR" will organize exit seminars. Holds exit seminars on following fighting sections:
«A personal security of citizens» - fight conducting in various situations and places, use of improvised subjects as the weapon and special application, opposition to several opponents.
«The punch technics» - drawing of blows from any positions, blows without scope keeping power, speed, seriality, blows in fight and in an orchestra, in a close premise and on any distance, various and variability, high speed.
«Special preparation» - instant attack and neutralization of the opponent, mental conditions in fight, detention and a convoy, profitability and rationality of actions, performance of fighting and special problems. All studied material is taught by principles of Russian martial art.

Subjects and cost of a seminar the contractual. As individual lessons are conducted.

Please contact:
  +(371) 29437766. E-mail:

IZVOR - with old slavic means a source, a spring. Why we took to ourselves this name? Because we try to concern martial arts with all honesty, without running into illusions. The source of knowledge of martial arts begins with usual household fight, before serious practical experience. It is possible for itself to present, as our ancestors were at war, protecting Sacred Russia. They had to be at war with absolutely different opponents. Each of them had a manner of fight. To our wars the universal system, allowing to resist was required: to Mongols, Polovci, Poles, Germans, Swedes, Frenchmen and many other things.
Now to our country have literally imposed east and other single combats, and Primordially Russian martial art, against such abundance, unfortunately, doesn't take a worthy place. The youth was brought up on films with the Western insurgents. Copy behavior and tricks of filmstars of Vandama and other actors, thinking that it and is that necessary technics of fight. Don't notice that them catch on concept "abruptly". The fighting system completely differs from sports, at least because combat sports it is fight "in private" and only by rules.
On trainings we specially include exercises as much as possible approached to a real situation. We train in the mixed fight, that is both we struggle, and we strike blows simultaneously. We practise fighting work standing and in an orchestra. In summertime necessarily we train on the nature. Completely we exclude contactless work, therefore often we use boxing gloves, wooden and usual knifes, and as sticks and other subjects. We don't adhere to any style as each person should show own individuality as much as possible. On the contrary, we lean against fighting principles of the Russian martial arts, which sources to us honor to revive and keep has dropped out.
Conducting martial arts in various conditions and situations.
In the beginning it is necessary to specify radical difference of combat sport from street or household fight. All the matter is that in a sports duel are the established rules of carrying out of competitions. And always it is possible to be prepared for competitions both physically, and morally. Unlike sports, fight by time arises spontaneously, unexpectedly and to a course there are any subjects as the weapon, without speaking about actually weapon, cold or fire. In such situation, even the sportsman who has got used to a fair duel by rules, can don't feel confident. Adverse conditions (the person sits at a table), an environment of people, loud music, bad illumination and many other things, all it can prevent to estimate a situation and to make the correct decision for the actions. The fulfilled receptions, blows etc., time and again helping at competitions, no means always will help, if the armed person has taken you unawares …
On the first place it is necessary to put the psychological factor. Fight, as a matter of fact is a struggle for a survival. When the person was overflowed by emotions of rage or fear, he, in a fury fuse, doesn't think how many years to it will give for the caused traumas or murder. The foreign affairs specialist on sambo-wrestling having frozen looked at a knife at me in a hand. He said that can't even force itself something to undertake … While you deliberate which reception it is necessary to execute, the situation instantly changes …
From all above told, it is necessary to draw a conclusion that for all occasions receptions won't suffice. Only got reflexes and the skills which have been turned out by special exercises, corresponding to fighting principles will help: force nonresistance, balance preservation, profitability and rationality, reflex reaction and many other things. All it is reached by patient, laborious work. The main secret in skill achievement is realized "plowed land".

It is important to notice that many the trainer are mistaken, asserting that in the beginning it is necessary to learn to be protected... Combating from protection, you each time give the chance to the opponent to attack that gives risk of own defeat. Protection in an attack and an attack in protection, here a correct principle of conducting fight. How correctly to attack the Science writes in the book «to win» A.V.Suvorov. «Russian is strong in attack» - this too its words.
Within the limits of Federation of Russian martial art of Mstinsko-Tveretsky tradition we are engaged in seminar activity.

If you want to receive new information about upcoming seminars, training films and other activities of the federation, or if you have any questions, fill out the form and send it to us! We will be glad to share information and answer your questions! :-)

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