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Security and police training center T.S.A.

Тraining center T.S.A.

Tactics, Modeling, Application
This program of tactical simulation is designed to train people for various extreme situations in the field of security and in everyday life.The program is intended for the employees of personal safety, security structuresas well as police departments and represents a set of models of various types of situations as well as methods and ways of resolving them .Tactics and ModelingModeling is performed according to the models of the situations that employees face in the course of their work, taking into consideration all equipment, special equipment, facilities available, conditions and mode of work, training and physical condition of employees.All factors are considered, such as social, legal as well as legislative framework. The program includes a set of exercises that will help to develop missing physical skills in short term. As well as they are designed for restoration after emotional and physical stress.In the process of the performance of simulated situations, best solutions for their resolution are identified and selected individually for each employee according to their physical characteristics and by analyzing existing and available resources of the employee. Analysis of the compliance of the existing equipment and all items of equipment and the possibility to perform the selected tasks with that equipment.

Combat, self-defense and security
Application is tested by using selected models by designing circumstances which are close to real one.Test will show the behavior of the tested person in the model. Will give an idea of the possibilities and will show the ability of tested person to solve the simulated problems and situations.Managers will be able to allocate staff according to their skills.
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