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Security and police training center T.S.A.

Seminars and courses.

02.2016. T.S.A. course on effective system of self-defense, the principles of RMA.
T.S.A. will organize and holds seminars on Hand-to-hand Fight and Self-defense. The program of a seminar can be on the subject chosen by you, or the instructor can give all necessary (exercises for development, etc.) having seen your level. Subjects - a survival in the conditions of real danger, performance of a certain task and etc.
Singularity of our actions is that participants offer models of real situations which happened to them or their acquaintances in life. Our task to sort a situation, to understand how in it to carry itself. We will not only discuss various situations, but also to try to decide them practically that is very important.
T.S.A. holds exit seminars in coordination.


Sergej Zhukov
Инструктор Ров
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